Putting repeat DUI offenders in jail isn’t always effective. When you look at the statistics and past examples, it seems as if jail time makes people more likely to offend again. But there is another option. Sometimes, a judge requires offenders to attend alcohol rehab. While it may seem like a minor penalty, it can have a major impact. Find out why rehab may be an effective tool for fighting future DUIs in repeat offenders.

The Facts

When someone gets a DUI conviction, the penalties can be strict. Those penalties don’t seem to work. It’s common for people to become repeat offenders. This is a sign that the penalties aren’t working. If jail time, community service, and high fines don’t do the trick, what could?

The problem is that the penalties for a DUI don’t often treat the problem. A fine or time in jail won’t help someone stop drinking alcohol. In fact, it may compound the problem. The stress of the situation may make them rely on alcohol even more than before. Just consider some of the statistics. There are over two million people in the US with at least three DUI offenses. Shockingly, about 400,000 people have at least five DUIs. With so many multiple offenders, it’s obvious that the current penalties aren’t working as a deterrent.

Even first-time offenders aren’t truly first-time offenders. That’s because people usually drive drunk about 80 times before an officer arrests them for it. While someone may not have been to court to face the charges, the chances are high that they drove drunk many other times. This prevalence of drinking and driving is a problem and a sign that current penalties don’t get the job done.

In most states, people with DUIS face license suspensions. But this isn’t always effective. As many as 75% of people with suspended licenses still drive their vehicles. Keeping them off the road isn’t an effective tactic. They still manage to drive and put themselves and others at risk. For that reason, there needs to be a more effective penalty.

The Consequences

There are still tens of thousands of people killed in drunk driving accidents. It’s a problem that needs a solution. And although the law already has some penalties in place for DUIs, they aren’t working. If they were, there would be fewer repeat offenders and fewer DUI incidents.

How Can Alcohol Rehab Help?

Alcohol rehab targets the problem- excessive drinking. If someone is drinking in excess frequently, it’s not about breaking the law or being a thrill-seeker. It’s a sign of alcoholism. And alcoholism isn’t something that you can treat by placing someone in jail or fining them. Instead, it requires specific treatment.

Alcohol rehab comes in different forms. There are various types of facilities and methods for rehab. However, they all have one thing in common. They all attack the problem of alcoholism. They help you realize why you turn to alcohol as a cure-all, and how you can stop relying on it. Through rehab, you can learn how to cope with life’s problems while you are sober.

Many people don’t realize that they have a problem with drinking until something serious happens. For example, a DUI arrest may be what it takes to make them aware. But it’s not enough for them to be aware – they need help. If a judge offers alcohol rehab as an alternative to jail time, the offender may be able to get help before it’s too late.

Those who advocate rehab as an alternative to jail time don’t believe that DUI offenders should get a free pass. They do believe that it should come along with a fine and license suspension. The combination of the three may be what it takes to keep you from future DUI offenders.

Research backs up the logic. Studies have shown that alcohol rehab combined with the suspension or revocation of a license comes with a lower chance of future DUIs. There’s something to it, and it may help you stay out of trouble.

Alcohol Rehab as a Substitute

Your DUI doesn’t have to be a lengthy jail sentence. With the right representation, you may be able to get minimal consequences for your offense. And one of those consequences may be alcohol rehab. But getting that outcome isn’t easy. You need the right legal representation. This means that you need to find someone who has specific experience fighting DUI charges. If you hire someone without experience, they may not be as effective at representing you. Don’t take any chances. When you thoroughly research your lawyer, you may hire someone who can get you a great outcome.

Alcohol rehab may be what you need to keep you out of trouble. It could mean that a judge chooses to limit your other penalties. And it could also get you the help you need to prevent another DUI. Contact a DUI lawyer today to find out if alcohol rehab is an option for you.