Gillette Stadium Criminal Defense Attorney

As New England’s premiere stadium, Gillette Stadium hosts many concerts and events. It is best known for being the home of our beloved New England Patriots. It isn’t hard to see why New Englanders and tourists flock to its gates. Unfortunately, sometimes these events end with disaster. Were you recently arrested? Gillette Stadium Criminal Defense Attorney Rory Munns can help.

Know Your Rights

Event security often conducts searches. If anything was found something on you, such as drugs or a weapon, the first thing you should be aware of is your rights. More specifically you should know your 4th amendment rights.

The American constitution guarantees you certain rights regarding searches and seizures. These laws bind Law enforcement officials, but unfortunately, they don’t always abide by the rules. If you do not know your rights, it is easy for police to infringe upon them. A Gillette Stadium criminal defense attorney can tell you more.

Don’t Talk to the Police

You might think that you can talk your way out of charges. Maybe if you explain your side, the officer will see you are not guilty. However, this is not the case. Once an officer starts questioning you, the officer already assumes you’re guilty, and will try to use anything you say against you. Instead of giving the police incriminating evidence, call our criminal defense attorney immediately. Attorney Rory Munns is available 24/7 for a free legal consultation.


Many event attendees like to enjoy a few drinks leading to many post-event DUIs. If you were arrested on DUI charges contact a criminal defense attorney Rory Munns today. A guilty verdict could lead to you losing your right to drive, spending time in jail and paying high fines. Rory Munns has handled numerous DUI cases, and he knows how to formulate your defense. The sooner you seek legal counsel the better. Let Rory defend your rights.

Attorney Rory Munns

Are you experiencing fear or stress? Those are typical reactions to criminal charges. Facing jail time, fines, loss of license or a criminal record is scary. No one wants to lose their reputation, livelihood or freedom. You don’t have to deal with this situation alone. With the right Gillette Stadium criminal defense attorney, you can get your life back on track in no time by ending your legal troubles.

Rory Munns is a highly skilled and experience Gillette Stadium criminal defense attorney. Let him use his skill to defend your case. Don’t waste time and call 774-206-9222 for a free legal consultation. You don’t want to make any incriminating mistakes when so much is at stake.