If you have been convicted of a DUI in the state of Rhode Island, your license has been suspended, and the right to the driver has been denied to you. But if you can meet a certain condition, you can regain the right to drive under certain circumstances. If you need to get behind the wheel before your license is returned, learn how to get a hardship license in Rhode Island.

Meet the Basic Conditions of a Hardship License in Rhode Island

You will only be eligible for a hardship license if this is your first or second DUI conviction. You will not need to know how to get a hardship license in Rhode Island if you have been convicted additional times because the court will refuse outright. You will also need to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car, and demonstrate a “need” to the court. How to get a hardship license in Rhode Island requires you to meet one of these needs:

  • For employment purposes
  • For medical appointments
  • For therapy appointments
  • For job training
  • For school
  • For another reason, a judge deems to be valid

Work Through the Procedures

Once you are granted permission by the court, how to get a hardship license in Rhode Island become largely about following the procedures that have been established. You will have to go to a DMV office and bring  the following:

  • A court order granting you a hardship license
  • A certificate proving you ignition interlock device has been installed
  • A copy of your SR-22 insurance

Then you will have to pay a fee and turn in your original state driver’s license. You will be issued a temporary copy of your hardship license and later mailed a permanent copy. Designation on the license will indicate that you only have the right to drive for 12 hours a day.

You now know how to get a hardship license in Rhode Island, but that doesn’t mean you confident taking on all the steps yourself. To get information and guidance, reach out to Rory Munns Attorney at Law by calling 774-206-9222.