Drinking and driving is never a good idea. However, drinking and driving into the water? That’s a health hazard, to say the least. There are many dangers to drinking and driving, and one of those dangers is driving off the road. If you happen to drive off the road and land in water, then you could be in for a rude awakening.

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving into the Water

Although it might sound far-fetched, drinking and driving into the water happens more than you think. When you drive drunk, your senses are dulled. Instead of seeing the road clearly, you see it blurry. You also might see water and confuse it for the road. If you are drunk enough, you could drive straight into the water thinking that it was a road.

Another issue with drinking and driving is your perception. Although you might see a turn up ahead, you might not slow down enough to make the turn. That is exactly what happened to a 21-year-old in Clearwater Beach. After he had too much to drink, he got into his vehicle and drove. He drove too fast across the bridge. When there was a sharp turn ahead, he was unable to make the turn. Instead, he drove into the ocean.

The driver was able to get out of his vehicle and swim to shore. However, that didn’t solve his problems. The police came to the scene and charged him with a DUI. With a blood alcohol limit of .22, he was well over the legal limit. The authorities believe that the incident occurred because he was drunk.

Health Hazard and a DUI

When you drive drunk and end up in the water, you do more than risking your personal safety. You also put yourself at risk for a DUI. If you have an accident, the police will come to the scene. When they find out that you have alcohol in your system, they could arrest you. It’s not often that a driver drives into the water; it is likely that they will try to determine your sobriety. If you are over the legal limit, then you could find yourself in police custody.

Of course, this only matters if you make it out of the water safely. In some cases, the driver does not make it out of the water. When your car lands in the water, you need to get out quickly. Your insobriety could make that a challenge. Hitting your head could also make that a challenge. If there is an impact and you lose consciousness, then you might not make it out of the water. It’s very possible for your accident to be a fatal one.

Avoiding a Health Hazard

The best way to avoid the health hazard of drinking and driving into the water is to avoid drinking and driving. If you plan to go out, then ask a friend to be the designated driver. There is usually one person willing to abstain from drinking for the night. You could even take turns being the designated driver.

Of course, you don’t always plan to have a night out. Sometimes, you have a few drinks before you realize that you need to get home. If this happens to you, then you should call a friend or family member. Another option is to call for a taxi or an Uber. In today’s technology-driven world, getting a ride home from the bar is easy. You can message a friend on Facebook, use a ride-sharing app, or call someone from your smartphone. With almost limitless options, safely getting home is easy.

As a last resort, you can always wait until you are sober. If you’ve had a few drinks, then wait until they wear off. Have something to eat and hang out until you sober up. However, avoid sleeping in your car. In some states, sleeping in your vehicle can result in a DUI. The rules regarding sleeping drunk in your vehicle vary by state. If you try to sleep it off, then you could end up under arrest.

Taking Precautions

It’s in your best interest to avoid drinking and driving. In addition to avoiding a health hazard, you can also avoid DUI charges. If you fall into the water and survive, your future could be ruined. An officer could arrest you for a DUI. As a result, you could face serious consequences.

Even with the help of a lawyer, your DUI charges could end badly. You need the help of an experienced lawyer to mount a strong defense. While he can help you limit your sentence, your lawyer can’t work miracles. A DUI charge could leave you left to pay high fines, live a few months without your license, and spend time in jail. You can avoid trouble altogether by not drinking and driving.