If you are facing a Massachusetts DUI accusation, it is always worth it to fight back. The penalties for a DUI conviction can be severe and haunt you for the rest of your life. There are also no circumstances in which you cannot fight back against a Massachusetts DUI accusation. These are the most common strategies:

Questioning the Stop

You may be facing a Massachusetts DUI accusation because you were specifically targeted and pulled over. Or you may have been swept up in a DUI checkpoint stop. In either case, there are ways to challenge the legality of the stop itself. No matter what happened afterwards, if you were illegally stopped and that resulted in a Massachusetts DUI accusation, you have the foundation to fight back.

Questioning the Evidence

There are a couple of strategies that the police use to determine who to level a Massachusetts DUI accusation against. They might rely on a field sobriety test, a breathalyzer, or a blood test. In every case, there are ways to call into question the evidence produced by those tests. And if the evidence showing that your BAC was over the legal limit is thrown out, your Massachusetts DUI accusation my disappear.

Questioning the Procedure

In order to prevent overstepping their power, the police must follow strict procedures when they give out aMassachusetts DUI accusation. If those procedures are not followed to the letter before, during, and after the initial arrest, the accusation may be labeled as invalid. In order to levy this kind of defense, you will need to have an experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side. Legal counsel who can closely study the details of your Massachusetts DUI accusation and spot all the red flags and inconsistencies is the best asset your defense can have.

You always have a right to defend yourself. And it is never too late to challenge a Massachusetts DUI accusation. If you need answers and assistance now, contact Rory Munns Attorney at Law by calling 774-206-9222.