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Massachusetts DUI Lawyer Following a DUI arrest, it’s common to feel embarrassed, confused, and ashamed. But rather than accepting whatever punishment the court assigns, it’s essential that you hire a Massachusetts DUI lawyer instead. With a legal professional serving as your advocate, you can ensure that you are treated fairly by the system and that your rights are upheld. Learn how to choose a Massachusetts DUI lawyer who will put your interests first:

Make a List of Potential Candidates

There are multiple qualified lawyers working in your area, and it’s never a good idea to settle on the first one you find. Look in the yellow pages and online to locate candidates. You should also ask for recommendations from friends or family who have worked with a Massachusetts DUI lawyer in the past. Be conscious of who you ask, however. You don’t want your DUI charge to affect your personal or professional reputation before you have even gone to court.

Vet the Attorney’s Credentials

Not all lawyers are created equal, and identifying the best of the best takes a little research. First and foremost, make sure that any Massachusetts DUI lawyer you consider is properly licensed and has never been disbarred. Then look at the candidate’s ethical record, and consider where they went to law school. Finally, determine what kind of experience they have with DUI cases and what their track record has been. In general, it’s better to hire a local attorney because they have more experience with the courts, judges, and prosecutors you will be up against.

Schedule a Consultation

It’s essential to meet face to face with any Massachusetts DUI attorney before formally securing their services. During the meeting, be honest and upfront about the facts of your case, even if they are embarrassing or incriminating. Bring along any documents related to your case, particularly anything you have been given by the police or the courts. Spend some time speaking to the attorney about their professional background and their thoughts on your case. Then, afterward, gauge your level of trust, comfort, and confidence with the candidate. If you feel less than certain, consider someone else.

Focus on the Fee

A DUI charge can be incredibly expensive – up to $20,000 or more in some cases – but that doesn’t mean you have to pay an exorbitant amount to hire a good Massachusetts DUI lawyer. First, find out what fee you will pay and what level of service you will receive for that amount. Don’t be afraid to ask for the terms to be agreed upon in advance in a binding contract. If the fee is competitive compared to other lawyers and manageable within your personal budget, it’s money well spent.

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