If you have recently been arrested for a DUI in or around New Bedford, you are likely wondering what exactly to do next. That is wise because there can be serious and long-lasting consequences if you are convicted of even one DUI. Your next step should be to call a New Bedford DUI lawyer as early as possible. Here is what one can do for you no matter what kind of situation you are in with the law:

Investigate the Case

The police and prosecutor will present their version of events with the goal of making you look as guilty as possible. But that does not mean their story is a perfect reflection of what happened before, during, and after you were arrested. A New Bedford DUI lawyer will help you to tell your side of the story and ensure that all the facts are presented in court.

Fight for Your Rights with a New Bedford DUI Lawyer

A good New Bedford DUI lawyer will know how to fight any charge. You owe it to yourself to pursue a not-guilty verdict because the penalties for DUI are stiff and the lasting consequences are greater than many people realize. When it is not realistic to expect to be found not guilty, your New Bedford DUI lawyer will work to get your sentence reduced as much as possible.

Offer Advice and Guidance

One of the strongest reasons to work with a New Bedford DUI lawyer as soon as you possibly can is simply, so you have someone to turn to for advice and guidance. Being arrested for a DUI can be both confusing and scary. And you cannot expect the police and prosecutors to make the situation easy on you. When you have a New Bedford DUI lawyer in your corner, you always have someone to rely on when you need honest, accurate information that puts your best interests first.

You will want to hire a New Bedford DUI lawyer as soon as you can, but that does not mean you should work with the first one you can find. Start your search by getting a free consultation with Rory Munns Attorney at Law. Call any time of day or night at 774-206-9222.