Massachusetts is serious about enforcing drunk driving laws. Former Boston Bruin Defenseman Ray Bourque can now attest to this! On Friday night he was arrested for drunk driving with a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of .249. Apparently the Ray Bourque DUI incident started when he ran his Mercedes into a minivan.

Ray Bourque, The Boston Bruins Legend

Ray Bourque, a third round draft pick, was ranked by the NHL as the third greatest Defenseman of all time. In 1980 he won Rookie of the Year and was chosen on the First Team All-Star. Bourque continued winning games for Boston until 2000. In this time, he also earned the honor of holding the position of Captain longer than anyone else in Bruin’s history. In 2004 he was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame.

Anyone who has visit Massachusetts knows how much we love our sports. Ray Bourque is a household name and beloved icon throughout New England. He is used to being in headlines for breaking records, winning games, and receiving high honors. But today the headlines are about the Ray Bourque DUI arrest. This just proves that anyone in the state of Massachusetts can be arrested for driving under the influence.

The Ray Bourque DUI Case

Ray Bourque DUI

With a BAC over three times Massachusetts’ legal limit, Bourque faces a variety of possible fines, license suspense and possible jail time. Because there was also property damage, this NHL legend may also face civil charges. So far there have been no reported injuries, which should save Bourque from even more severer penalties. There are many variables in any DUI case. It is always important to have an experienced DUI attorney on your side. Ray Bourque will rely heavily on his!

The Mass DUI Guy

Can you relate to the Ray Bourque DUI case? Are you also facing drunk driving charges? The Mass DUI Guy, Rory Munns, is here to help you end your own DUI nightmare. Once you have been arrested for DUI, time is of the essence. The sooner you call us; the sooner we can start working on your case. Part of this work includes informing you of your rights and ensuring you don’t make mistakes that can negatively impact your case. We have a great deal of experience defending DUI cases and will be able to help you get through this legal battle. The Ray Bourque DUI case is high profile, but we believe every citizen deserves to be defended effectively to the full extent of the law. Call us today at 774-206-9222.