Stonehill College Criminal Defense Lawyer

Stonehill College Criminal Defense Lawyer
Stonehill College is a respected Massachusetts school which bases their curriculum on the acquisition of knowledge and faith. Formerly called Catholic College, Stonehill still emphasizes Catholic beliefs. If you attend Stonehill College and get arrested, it puts you in a precarious situation. Those convicted will face penalties from the state as well as from the college. You need a Stonehill College criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Common Student Crimes

Regardless of the offense you are charged with, Stonehill College Criminal Defense Lawyer
Rory Munns can provide you with valuable legal advice. However, here are a few typical college crimes:

  • Underage Drinking: In Massachusetts, it is illegal for persons under the age of 21 to buy, possess or consume alcohol. If you used a fake ID to purchase the liquor, you would face an additional charge. There are exceptions to this law and valid defenses that can be used to clear your name.
  • DUI: Because of the amount of deaths and injuries caused each year by drunk drivers, Massachusetts comes down hard on perpetrators. When accused of a DUI, it is imperative that you contact a Stonehill College Criminal Defense Lawyer. You could face jail time, license suspension, fines and mandatory recovery treatment.
  • Drug Possession: College students are known for experimenting with drugs. Although your best option is to concentrate on your studies, it is common to get curious. The United States has traffic stop, search, and seizure laws based on the 4th Amendment. If the police infringed on your rights, Rory will find out.
  • Hazing: This long-time college tradition has recently become a topic for legislation. It is now illegal to conduct any initiation activity that could cause harm to the pledge or other innocent people. If you get arrested for hazing, Stonehill College Criminal Defense Lawyer Rory Munns can help.

Criminal Conviction Consequences

When a student gets convicted of a crime, he will have to deal with many consequences. The judge determines your first set of consequences. Your particular sentence will depend on the crime you committed. To find out more, schedule a free consultation with Stonehill College Criminal Defense Lawyer Rory Munns.

Your university will impose the next set of consequences. Stonehill College has a strict ethics code that they enforce.

Possible consequences include:

  • Loss of Scholarships
  • Kicked off Sports Teams
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

Attorney Rory Munns

If you are a student who is charged with a crime, it is important that you contact a Stonehill College Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately. You don’t want one mistake to destroy your future. Call Rory anytime at 774-206-9222 for a free consultation. Rory can help you protect your future.