MASS DUI Guy - Rory Munns, Esq.

Driving laws in Massachusetts are severe. Offenders can suffer harsh penalties if not guided by a competent MASS DUI Lawyer. Rory Munns is the guy to call when you find yourself in a drunk driving incident in Massachusetts.

MASS DUI Guy - Rory Munns, Esq.

Rory Munns is a skilled Mass DUI Lawyer. He has extensive experience defending clients accused or charged with DUI-related offenses. Mr. Munns is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and received his J.D. from Roger Williams University School of Law Over the years, DUI Attorney Rory Munns, has been able to place a spotlight on faulty police work and apprehension methods commonly found in DUI cases. As a result of his thorough investigations, DUI experience and unwavering commitment to his clients, he has forged a successful reputation in DUI defense.

Along with his strong academic background and accomplished career; he brings his personal touch to each case. He understands that being faced with criminal charges brings anxiety, and he personally handles your DUI matters. When faced with a drunk driving issue contact our office for a dependable and knowledgeable representation.

“If you get charged with a DUI, Rory Munns is the attorney you want by your side.” –M.R.

Attorney Munns believes that there is no room for error when dealing with the serious ramifications of a criminal conviction. He will investigate and defend your case aggressively. Every DUI case is different, only a consultation with a competent DUI lawyer can give you the right answers. The earlier you contact our office the best. Drunk driving cases are not like any other; only a DUI attorney can efficiently inform you of your options.

Call the MASS DUI Guy for a free consultation | 774-206-9222 Rory Munns will aggressively defend you against DUI accusations in Massachusetts