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New Bedford DUI Attorney

New Bedford DUI Attorney

New Bedford is a beautiful town in Massachusetts filled with many exciting attractions and even better nightlife. Whether you choose to hang out with friends near Clarks Cove or closer to Route 6, a good time is almost always had with friends and family. But of course when hanging out with friends turns to dinner and drinks things can get out of hand quickly. When you decide to leave the bar to head to your hotel or back home it is important to remember one thing. Massachusetts takes driving under the influence very seriously and if you are caught you are going to be in a world of trouble. If you get arrested for a DUI on the coast, your first call should be to a New Bedford DUI Attorney.

The attorneys at the Law Office of the Mass DUI Guy have been handling DUI cases for many years. Our New Bedford DUI Attorney is available at any time to assist you with your case at 774-206-9222.

First Offense DUI in Massachusetts

If you are pulled over in Massachusetts and the police believe you to be driving under the influence you will be tested. It is important to know that if your BAC is 0.08 or above you will be at risk for severe penalties. If you are arrested for a first offense DUI without the assistance of a New Bedford DUI Attorney you could face:

  • Up to 2 and a half years in prison
  • Up to 12 months license suspension
  • Fines ranging from $500 up to $5,000

If you have a child in the car with you as well at the time of your arrest, you will also be charged with Child Endangerment.

Second Offense DUI in Massachusetts

If you are being arrested for a subsequent DUI, you should already know that calling a New Bedford DUI Attorney is in your best interest. You will wish you have the Mass DUI Guy on your side when you are faced with:

  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • Up to 2 years license suspension
  • Extended periods of jail time up to and above 2 and a half years

The fines, license suspension, and jail time will continue to exponentially increase with each offense.

When you get arrested in Massachusetts, you need to call the Mass DUI Guy to schedule a consultation with a New Bedford DUI Attorney. If you or a loved one has been arrested contact us today at 774-206-9222.