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Mansfield DUI Attorney

Getting arrested for a DUI is never easy, especially when you’re looking at penalties resulting from the strictest DUI laws in the country. So, if you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you’ll be needing the assistance of a trusted Mansfield DUI attorney like Rory Munns.

Why is Rory Munns the most trusted Mansfield DUI attorney?

Rory Munns is the Mansfield DUI attorney Rhode Island residents have been able to rely on for more than a decade. He has handled the most difficult of DUI cases and has gotten many clients the justice they deserve against their DUI charges.

Even if you’ve been charged for the first time with a DUI charge in Rhode Island, the penalties can be severe. If convicted, you can expect a fine up to $500, a license suspension for up to 18 months, and even jail time for up to a year! What’s worse, subsequent convictions will lead to even stricter penalties, more jail time, heavier fines, longer license suspension time, and even a requirement to get an IID device installed on your car!

When you’re faced with such severe penalties for a DUI, it makes sense that you would contact Rory Munns, the most trusted Mansfield DUI attorney, to handle your case. Each DUI case is dealt with by Rory personally, and he devotes the utmost attention to each situation, no matter what punishments you may be facing. As a dependable, experienced Mansfield DUI attorney, Rory Munns is committed to getting you the justice you deserve, and to protecting your rights in a court of law.

Rory Munns is pleased to be the only Mansfield DUI attorney to offer his services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having this accessibility means that his clients can put their minds at ease – he will be available no matter the time, day or night.

So if you’ve been arrested for a DUI, contact Rory Munns, the premier Mansfield DUI attorney that Rhode Island residents have trusted for more than 10 years.