How to Fight a DUI

How to fight a DUI

The most searched term after a DUI is "How to Fight a DUI" and it is understandable since a DUI can negatively affect your future including higher insurance rates, fines, loss of license, lack of job opportunities and not to mention the criminal charges consequences. The first step in How to Fight a DUI is to call experienced DUI attorney Rory Munns at 401-229-5088 to discuss the best plan of defense for your case.

The DUI Process

Every DUI case is unique to itself, but one thing is for sure, after being arrested for DUI, your case will move quickly, and expenses will pile accumulate fast. So as soon as you share your case with me I will begin to formulate a defense strategy personalized to your needs. I will begin by looking at the entire arrest process to see how it was handled, setting up meetings and moving petitions along the proper channels. When we meet, we can discuss how we will work together to defeat your DUI. There are a lot of things we need to take into consideration including:

  • The Breathalyzer: The breathalyzer used by the police in Massachusetts is not always accurate. Since they are such delicate machines, they can frequently malfunction and are not always calibrated well. Also, things, like being on a low carbohydrate diet or having diabetes, can also contribute to a higher BAC. Another major factor to consider is that if you waited a long period after you were originally pulled over you may have absorbed more alcohol indicating that you may not have been as inebriated at the time that you were pulled over.
  • Why were you pulled over?:
A DUI charge happens when police notice that you were not operating a motor vehicle according to the rules of the road. The police cannot pull you over simply for a DUI. They must prove that they had probable cause to do so such as seeing you driving recklessly. If they solely pulled you over for a suspicion of a DUI you have higher chances to win your case.
  • If the police made any mistakes (which they usually do) in the arrest process: The list of mandatory steps on a DUI stop is extensive. From the timing between the two obligatory readings on the Breathalyzer they must obtain, as well as allowing you to make a private phone call before you take the test - which should be to me at 401-229-5088.
An arrest for DUI is scary and can bring unfortunate consequences if not dealt properly. Hiring a competent Massachusetts lawyer to fight a DUI gives you the best chances to win your case. Fight a DUI in Massachusetts with Rory Munns the DUI Guy | Call 401-229-5088