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MASS DUI Attorney

A DUI accusation can place your reputation and career in danger, even if you are not convicted. Only an experienced MASS DUI attorney can effectively handle your case lessening your penalties and charges. It is not prudent to leave your life in the hands of the courts. Hiring representation to defend your rights is crucial and the earlier you contact our offices better. Rory Munns is the right guy to handle your defense in Massachusetts. He is knowledgeable about the severe DUI laws in the state and is willing to fight aggressively for your case in court.

A DUI arrest can negatively affect your life - we won't let that happen

Life in a busy state like Massachusetts is full of surprises. One minute you are enjoying a drink with friends, celebrating with your family, cheering your favorite team or at a business party. The next minute you are driving home and bright lights start flashing in your rearview mirror. You are pulled over by the police.

In an instance, you are in the hands of law enforcement. Arrested, fingerprinted, photographed in an unexpected turn of events. In truth, DUI is the most common criminal charge in our region. Dealing with a Massachusetts DUI charge is a serious matter and should be handled by a MASS DUI Attorney.

Your job, driver's license, and freedom are at risk - Don't let a DUI/OUI take over your life

Hiring the wrong MASS DUI Lawyer is a bad decision you can't afford to make after being arrested for a DUI/OUI.

The fear, nervousness and uncertainty you feel are understandable. This might probably be worst time of your life but remember that everybody makes mistakes. This error doesn't make you a bad person, and it doesn't make you a criminal either. This situation can be fixed. Let Rory help you fix this mistake.

The penalties for a Massachusetts convictions can be life changing. In some cases, innocent people are charged with a DUI/DWI. Sometimes you are not impaired by your responsible consumption of alcohol but you are charged and convicted anyway. In this state, a DUI/OUI conviction can bring consequences such as jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, or community service. In addition to that insurance rates might go up and a few job opportunities may be lost.

Mass DUI Attorney

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Why MASS DUI Attorney Rory Munns?

The high stakes on this type of charges call for an experienced DUI attorney. There are unique evidentiary issues to each DUI/OUI case. Every charge has its own details, there are no two similar cases.Every DUI case requires a skilled MASS Attorney by your side. When it feels like the world hangs on your shoulders, it is comforting to receive a helping hand. It is important to have someone you trust on your side when you are facing such serious charges. Our office will aggressively defend your rights.

MASS DUI Attorney on your case

My main goal is straightforward: to keep your record clear. I will work hard to absolve you of all charges, prevent you from losing your license and keep you from serving jail time. Call me, MASS DUI Attorney Rory Munns at 401-229-5088.

MASS DUI Lawyer - Common Questions We Get Asked

Some of the most common questions about DUI related to the nature of what constitutes Driving under Influence. In the state of Massachusetts, a DUI is called an OUI or Operating Under Influence. The driver is considered intoxicated when operating a vehicle under the blood alcohol content level of .08% or more.

As the "MASS DUI Guy", handling DUI offenses is MASS DUI Attorney Rory Munns's top priority. We fight for our clients, and we have aggressively defended cases for over a decade. When you hire us, you can rest assured you are making the best decision on your case representation.

You can beat a DUI charge with me by your side! Call MASS DUI Attorney Rory Munns at 401-229-5088.

DUI F.A.Q.'s

If You've Been Charged with a DUI You May Be Wondering...

Q. Does a driver have to be drunk to be convicted of DUI? A. No. The main facet of a DUI charge is to show that the driver was affected by alcohol to the point where the substance influenced their ability to operate the motor vehicle safely. This does not always require the operator to be drunk.

Q. Can a minor, under age 21, be charged of DUI? A. In the state of Massachusetts, a minor can be charged with an OUI when their BAC reads at .02% or above. Sometimes, if the officer notices that they have been influenced by alcohol they can also be charged. In this case, minor suffer penalties based on their ages.

Q. When can a person be convicted for driving under the influence? A. When a driver or operator shows a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08% or more, or when their reflexes have been impaired by drinking, he or she can be convicted for DUI.

Q. Is there an exact level of alcohol that constitutes "driving under the influence"? A. Drivers 21 and older are considered "driving under the influence" when their Blood Alcohol Content level is at .08% or higher. For Commercial drivers, the level lowers to .04% or higher.

Experienced MASS DUI Attorney

Serious charges like this require a level of experience and skill that delivers results. Reduced disciplinary actions, reasonable penalties, and minimum affects on your life. If you reside in the state of Massachusetts, that means calling the MASS DUI Guy, MASS DUI Attorney Rory Munns, Esq. at 774-206-9222. His DUI defense office is fully prepared to give your case the attention it rightfully deserves.