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Dartmouth DUI Attorney

Whether you are a student at the illustrious University of Massachusetts Dartmouth or just live in town, you have likely experienced everything Dartmouth has to offer. There are many excellent restaurants, bars, and other attractions that bring tourists into town during the warm months of the year. We can all remember a time that we have gone out with friends and had a few too many drinks and decided we should take a cab home and pick our car up the next day. But what happens when you drive home? Are you prepared for the risks of losing your license, fines, and other penalties incurred when you get a DUI? If you have been arrested in Dartmouth, you need to call the Mass DUI Guy and talk to a Dartmouth DUI Attorney. At the Law Office of the Mass DUI Guy, our Dartmouth DUI Attorney has been handling cases of driving under the influence in Dartmouth for many years. We understand the need to a quick, efficient defense in your case to make sure that you get the best results.

Do Not Face Your Charges Alone!

Massachusetts takes DUI very seriously and if you are found guilty of drinking and driving you are going to be facing penalties. You should not have to face these sanctions alone, and our Dartmouth DUI Attorney is ready to make sure that you do not have too. Our talented team is led by seasoned trial attorneys and former prosecutors who have decided to assist the community as Dartmouth DUI Attorneys. We will help you navigate the complicated areas of the legal system to make sure that you get the defense and assistance that best fits your case. Our Dartmouth DUI Attorney will make sure that you stay informed through every step of the process.

You Can Count On Us

When you call the Mass DUI Guy, you are getting more than a single Dartmouth DUI Attorney you are getting a team. Our team is prepared to handle all the charges that typically accompany DUI including drug offense, assault, and battery, theft, etc. If you lose your license in the process of getting your DUI, we will make sure to assist you in obtaining a hardship license if that is applicable. If you or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence contact the Mass DUI Guy and tell him you need a Dartmouth DUI Attorney to represent you. Our office is available at any time to provide you with a free consultation at 774-206-9222.