Massachusetts Expungement


If you are looking to clear your criminal record, Massachusetts Defense Attorney Rory Munns can help you erase your criminal history. After you have paid your fines and done your time, your criminal record ma still haunts you. It is a stamp in your file that makes it difficult to find a job and put your past behind. Sealing the records prevent it to interfere with routine job pre-employement background checks, for example.

An expungement is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as follows:

"Process by which record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the state or Federal repository."
Though an expungement deals with a person's criminal record, its motion is an action in which the person seeking an expungement acts as plaintiffs and asks the court to expunge the records.

Expungement Eligibility

An expungement is granted after certain requirements are met. These include:

  • A waiting period from when the incident occurred and the expungement
  • No intervening incidents
  • Having few prior incidents
  • The crime of conviction not be of a too serious manner
  • All sentence terms have been fulfilled
  • No pending proceedings
  • Disposed of the incident without a conviction
  • The plaintiff complete probation without incident
Once all requirements are met, the petitioning plaintiff will file the civil lawsuit.

Are DUI charges eligible for "expungement"?

According to Massachusetts laws, there are different waiting periods for sealing depending on the outcome of the case. Crimes including firearms offenses and convictions that require registration as sex offenders can never be sealed. But your DUI record can be sealed if you do not have an extensive criminal record apart from your DUI conviction, there are no other felonies on your history, and you have not been convicted of a similar offense in the last five years.

Having a DUI or other convictions expunged from your record could greatly improve the opportunities for your future. Gaining a clear record increases the possibilities of employment options and a better quality of life for those who have been charged with a criminal offenses. This especially holds true regarding specific industries that the convicted individual may want to explore later in life. If you are applying for a position in any law enforcement agency, childcare facility, teaching certificate or for admission to the legal bar you are required to share the terms of your conviction.

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