Cape Cod is a popular summer vacation spot. New Englanders flock to its beaches, festivals and other attractions. Cape Cod also features many bars and pubs. People tend to drink a bit more when on vacation. Many people spend the entire year looking forward to their Cape Cod trip. You probably did not anticipate getting a DUI. Unfortunately, summer DUI arrests on Cape Cod are common. Ideally you should never drink and drive. If you were caught with a BAC over .08, The Mass DUI Guy – Rory Munns can help.

Massachusetts DUI Law

Many people are killed or injured by drunk drivers. This leads to strict DUI laws. Summer DUI arrests on Cape Cod are no joke. Even if this is your first offense you could have your license suspended, pay thousands in fines and fees and even end up in jail. If this is not your first DUI, the penalties get worse.

Maybe you were arrested for a DUI and refused to take a chemical test? Under implied consent laws you can still face charges and your license can still be suspended. An attorney can formulate a case that disputes the charges. If the DUI arrest was not lawful or you weren’t technically arrested for DUI, the charges could be dropped

Summer DUI arrests on Cape Cod do not have to ruin your life. An experienced DUI attorney can help. Attorney Rory Munns will fight for your rights. He will careful inspect every aspect of your case. There are so many laws related to DUI, searches and arrests. Rory has been helping DUI defendants for years. He has the experience and motivation to defend you.

Cape Cod DUI Lawyer Rory Munns

If you were one of the many summer DUI arrests on Cape Cod, contact Rory Munns, The MASS DUI Guy immediately. He is available 24/7 for free consultations at 774-206-9222. Call now to get the Mass DUI Guy working on your case. It is crucial that you seek legal advisement. You don’t want to make any mistakes that will hinder your case. Rory will let you know how to move forward. Summer DUI arrests on the Cape may ruin your vacation, but they don’t have to haunt you. We can help.