Everyone makes a few bad decisions in life. For some people, one of those bad decisions is drinking and driving. When you choose to drink and drive, it doesn’t often end well. You might not realize that you’re too drunk to drive until you start driving. However, it might be too late. There aren’t many options that can keep you safe and out of trouble. To avoid the consequences of drinking and driving, you might choose to sleep on the side of the road. But that might not be your best option. Find out what you should do if you are too drunk to drive.

Can you sleep on the side of the road?

Like most laws, the laws regarding sleeping on the side of the road are not easy to understand. First, you need to consider your state’s laws. In every state, there are unique laws about sleeping on the side of the road. For example, in some states, it might be illegal but the police officers don’t often enforce it. In other states, the officers might take the law more seriously.

It also depends on where you choose to pull over. If you pull over on the side of a highway, then you have a problem. Parking alongside a highway is illegal and dangerous. If a police officer finds you parked there, then he will probably issue you a ticket. And if he finds you drunk, then you may be placed under arrest.

You also need to consider your sobriety. If you are too drunk to drive, then the law might be different. While it might be legal to sleep on the side of the road, it might be illegal to do it while you are drunk. In most states of the US, it is illegal to sit in the car while you are drunk. Although the laws vary by state, most states frown upon sleeping in your vehicle while drunk. Your actions could result in a DUI. Despite trying to avoid an arrest, your actions could cause one.

What are the risks of sleeping it off?

You might feel that sleeping it off is less risky than driving when you had too much to drink. However, sleeping on the side of the rode has its own risks. Here are a few of them:

1. Putting your physical well-being at risk

First and foremost, you can put your own well-being at risk. When you sleep on the side of a busy road, you could be the victim of an accident. At night, it could be difficult for someone to see your vehicle. Another car could plow into you and leave you with serious injuries. If you’re sleeping in your car, you wouldn’t even see them coming.

2. Putting others at risk

Of course, you also put others at risk if you sleep on the side of a highway. If someone is tired or sees an object up ahead, he might swerve off the road. As a result, he could hit your vehicle. This type of accident could leave the other driver and his passengers with serious injuries.

3. Health risks in extreme temperatures

If you live somewhere with low winter temperatures, then sleeping it off comes with another risk. The cold weather could cause hypothermia. Although most sober individuals would turn on the heat before a car gets too cold, someone who had too much to drink might not. Sleeping in your vehicle in the extreme cold could have fatal or severe effects. You could require immediate medical help.

4. Risk your future

If you have any ambitious plans for our future, then they probably don’t involve a DUI. When a police officer finds you sleeping in your vehicle intoxicated, you could get a DUI. And the consequences of a DUI put your future at risk.

Consider some of the effects of a DUI conviction. For a serious offense, you could spend time in jail. As a result, you could lose your job. In the future, any prospective employers could find out about your conviction. It could follow you around for years. Another consideration is the fine. If money is tight, then you might have a hard time paying your fines. When you combine those fines with the cost of legal fees, then you have a mountain of debt. Any financial plans that you had could go out the window.

Too drunk to drive: How should you handle it?

With so many risks to sleeping it off, you should do other things to handle your situation. Here are a few options that you could consider:

1. Don’t drive while drunk

While this option might sound obvious, it deserves mention. With so many negative consequences of drunk driving, you should avoid it at all costs. If you can, find a designated driver to drive you home on your night out. On an impromptu night of drinking, you should call for a taxicab or an Uber driver. Today, getting a ride home is as easy as using an app on your phone.

2. Find a safe place to stop

If you don’t realize that you are too drunk to drive until you start driving, then you still have options. One of the best options is to pull over somewhere safe. Be on the lookout for a safe parking lot. If you see a church, a 24/7 store, or a fast food establishment, then you should pull into the parking lot. Instead of sitting on the side of a dangerous road, you can be safer in the parking lot.

If you want to avoid any chance of a DUI, then you should get out of your vehicle. Spend a few hours inside a fast food restaurant, or walk around Walmart. If you have anyone to call for help, then call them. You might prevent a DUI.