5 Crazy DUI Stories

Driving under the influence, or DUI charges ruin reputations and jeopardize careers. Alcohol makes people do crazy things. Of course, the stupidest thing any individual can do is put other peoples’ lives in danger. That’s why the state of Massachusetts takes DUIs with particular severity. While a Massachusetts DUI attorney like Rory Munns helps you handle your case and alleviate the charges, it is still serious. Of course, not everything in life has to be so serious in tone. For instance, these crazy DUI stories may illustrate the negative effects of drinking and driving, but they are also mildly entertaining.

Crazy DUI Story #1: Agent K-9

Chesapeake, Virginia citizen Kyle Hagans told police officers he was an FBI agent in pursuit of a suspect before they arrested him for DUI. His FBI story became even less credible as he gave various false names and threatened the officers. His bizarre behavior increased when he began behaving like a dog, proceeding to raise his leg and urinate at the station. Eventually, police charged Hagans with second-offense DUI, impersonating a law enforcement agent and using a false identity.

Crazy DUI Story #2: Triple Trouble

A DUI crash in Naperville, Illinois involved three brothers: one older brother, Joseph F. Bojack, and two twins, James M. Bujak and Michael J. Bojack.  The car veered off the road, knocked a mailbox over, then finally stopped as it hit a tree. Next, all three brothers fled the scene, but police caught up with them. Police charged eldest Joseph with two counts of DUI, resisting or obstructing a police officer, illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor, two counts of hit and run, and failure to reduce speed to avoid having an accident. The police charged each twin with illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor as well as resisting or obstructing a police officer.

Crazy DUI Story #3: Making A Splash

A couple in St. Petersburg, Florida woke up to an unpleasant surprise when drunk driver Nicole Renee Carlin crashed her SUV into their backyard swimming pool. Bill Haggerty called 911 and attempted to help the woman out of the pool. Carlin insisted everything was fine, and she just wanted to leave, but then she fled the scene on foot. After police had tracked Carlin down, they charged her with a DUI with property damage, leaving the scene of an accident, and trespassing.

Crazy DUI Story #4: Quite The Segway

A Jackson, Michigan Segway cop got the arrest of his lifetime when an 18-year-old woman drove past him.  A Segway can only move at a maximum speed of about 12.5 miles an hour. So, it took a while for him to catch up the woman going about 40 miles an hour. However, he eventually caught up to her. After she failed various field sobriety tests, the cop called for a patrol car to haul the young lady to jail for DUI.

Crazy DUI Story #5: McDonalds Mania

Pocono police responded to a call from a local McDonald’s after a belligerent woman returned to the drive-through window.  She complained about an order she placed hours before. After arguing with the manager, her behavior warranted a call to the police from the staff. Law enforcers determined at the scene that Pennsylvania citizen Ingrid Urenovitch took too much of her prescribed medication and arrested her for DUI.